How to start changes

In many cases we feel that change is needed but it is not clear where to start.

This page is devoted to guidance points and links if you want to change your mindset, relationships, release grief and patterns not serving your wellbeing.

If you are exploring new things through verbalizing them, we offer Your Life Project in 5 parts covering all possible areas of changes through affirmations.

Are you actively working on goals? Vision Board combined with Feng-Sui and fitness practice will help you to reach them faster.

If you are learning things through doing you may combine affirmations with walking or jogging.

If you prefer neither we also offer Meditations and Experiments.

If you feel overwhelmed by emotions and need changes you may explore Fusion method or FasterEFT/Eutaptics presented below.

You can also try quick exercises offers by a professional psychotherapist. First, let's explore what is stress, its impact and solutions.

Your Life project

This project helps to reprogram and refocus on letting go negative experiences and affirm success

Vision Board

Vision Board is a very effective tool for reprogramming human mind, especially if built with Feng-Sui principles (Part 1) and used along with physical activities (Part 2).

Fitness and affirmations

Assess what suits your fitness and focusing practice goals, if you have 15, 45 or 90 minutes to work on your form, you can change how you feel fairly quickly


You can choose from very short Calmness and Serenity meditation to calm down, a little longer Daily Evening meditation to release daily stress and 25 minutes Journey to Your Superconscious Meditation if you need answers from within


With help of two videos you can learn to practice gratitude and have a 30 days experiment to see how it can change your life

FasterEFT/Eutaptics is one of the most efficient self-help systems in the world that helped thousands in more than 20 years. Interested? There is a free 5 day course for you to explore and decide if you want to learn more. You can find a lot of testimonials on Youtube channel and more videos on how to use their method.


How to release financial problems

How to release abandonment and rejection

Fusion method

Fusion method is a combination of stress release, trance work, acupressure, Neurolinguistic programming.

You can use these videos to learn how this method works, change your relationships dynamics and release daily stress.

Quick and easy stress release exercises presented by professional psychotherapist